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360 Saskatchewan Avenue
Spruce Grove, AB


Spruce Grove, AB 



Project Background

Canada Post is conducting their business in a socially responsible manner. As a member of the Canadian Green Building Council (, Canada Post has made a commitment to have all of its new buildings registered for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification. This project is their first LEED certified building in Alberta.

360 Saskatchewan Avenue is a first class building housing 14,000 ft2 of mail sorting, Administration and retail space. This LEED building required a high efficiency heating system, a 30% potable water reduction strategy and a 75% landfill waste diversion plan. This is all part of Canada Post’s commitment to reduce the environmental impact of their operation.

Project Solution

SolarWall was recommended by Tower Engineering because of their experience with NRG Management on other installations in Manitoba. SolarWall provides solar air heating to the building’s two 90% efficient Air Handling Units. Tower and NRG designed the SolarWall to maximize temperature gain on the building’s required 2,105 cfm ventilation requirement for a temperature gain of 30 degrees celsius.

A 786 ft2 black SolarWall was installed by NRG Management to increase the efficiency of the building’s heating system. Despite its small size, this wall provides a calculated 28% of the building’s heating energy demand. It reduces green house gas emissions by 11.8 tons per year. This is the equivalent of 2.4 cars permanently taken off Albertas roads.

SolarWall can supply up to 6 points under the LEED 2.2 system. In this case it supplied one point under EAc1 and two points under EAc2.  On-Site Renewable Energy is also an option by using the SolarWall/SolarDuct PV/T co-generation product.

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