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Complete Energy Management Solutions

Step 1: Building Analysis / Audits 

A thorough analysis of a building’s energy needs, systems, occupancy and usage patterns, and other considerations such as building comfort enable us to ensure a proper system design.

NRG is happy to provide free consultations and system quotes for all buildings.

Clients seeking a more detailed analysis may wish to undergo a complete energy management audit.  Here we measure and analyze water, electricity and gas use, the age of building systems, maintenance history etc., in order to provide detailed options so clients can make decisions that result in the best return on investment (ROI), most $ saved, most greenhouse gases mitigated, largest increases in building value, or other factors.

Step 2: Design and Project Management

NRG has the capabilities to deliver top quality designs of mechanical and electrical systems in order to achieve green standards such as LEED or BOMA BEST.  All of our design-build projects are stamped by certified engineers ensuring complienc with all codes and industry best practices, even as they push the boundaries on energy efficient design principles.

Additionally NRG has the capabilities to project manage from design through to final commissioning.  We deliver on client wishes by managing the entire project including permits and grant applications, safety requirements, subcontractor management, and installation.

Step 3: Contract and Financing Options

NRG can work with your firm through a variety of project vehicles.  We deliver energy management solutions through:
  • Design-build contracts
  • Through Tender Selection
  • Sub-trade to other firms
We work with lump sum, cost plus and system performance contracts to provide our clients with the best possible fit.

We also offer financing on all design build contracts regardless of contract type, this could mean little to no money down on projects for clients that qualify.  Let your utility savings pay for the system upgrades.

Step 4: Construction Services


Step 5: Preventative Maintenance + 24 Hour Service

NRG is capable of keeping your existing systems running optimally for years to come.  We have gas and refrigeration service technicians available 24 hours, 365 days a year.

In order to keep your systems working at their best, we are proud to offer preventative maintenance contracts on select systems or for your building wide mechanical and electrical.  We will set up predetermined maintenance in order to ensure optimal performance with no system down time.  All of our design-build systems include a preventive maintenance contract.

We service: Air Conditioners, Boilers, Coils, Commercial Refrigeration Equipment, Compressors, Exhaust Hoods, Fans, Forced Air units, Gaslines, Hot Water Tanks, Infrared Heaters, Make-Up-Air Units, Pumps, Radiators, Water Lines and Plumbing Fixtures.

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